Curriculum Vitae

Below are a few highlights, such as awards that I have received, projects in which I was involved, and a few select publications.


University of Windsor, Windsor, Ontario
PhD  (Sociology/Social Justice) – 2018
Dissertation: “Companion Animals in the Lives of Abusive Men”
Comprehensive Exams: Social Theory; Qualitative Research Methodologies

University of Ottawa, Ottawa, Ontario
MA (Criminology) – 2012
Thesis: “Pets, Intimate Partner Violence, and the Abuser’s Perspective”

Simon Fraser University, Burnaby, British Columbia
BA (1st Class Honours) (Criminology) – 2009
Honours Thesis: “Violence Affects All Members of the Family: Safe Pet Programs in Western Canada”


Violence against women Victimology Feminist theory and methodology Masculinities theory Criminological theory Critical Animal Studies Green criminology and sociology Qualitative research Critical criminology Animal abuse Human-animal relationships


Doctoral Award, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council / May 2014 – April 2015
Doctoral Fellowship, Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council / May 2012 – April 2014
Joseph de Koninick Master’s Thesis Prize Nomination, University of Ottawa / Nov 2011
Barry Adam Scholarship, University of Windsor / Sept 2011 – Aug 2013
Excellence Scholarship, University of Ottawa / May 2010 – Aug 2011
SSHRC Joseph-Armand Bombardier Canada Graduate Scholarship / May 2010 – May 2011
Gordon M. Shrum Gold Medal (Convocation Award), Simon Fraser University / April 2009
Hy Aisenstat Scholarship, Simon Fraser University / Sept 2007
Hon. William H. Hamilton Scholarship, Simon Fraser University / Sept 2005 – Aug 2007


Research Ethics Board Process Evaluation and Benchmark Study / Nov 2016 – present
Research Assistant (Supervisor: Dr. S. McMurphy)
Evaluation of the processes of the Research Ethics Board, including time benchmarks between key points of contact between the researchers and the REB; analysis of the REB files; evaluation of the time spent on REB related tasks, such as consultations with researchers and education of the university community; overall goals to improve efficiency of research application review and identify areas of strategic priority.

Animals and Interpersonal Abuse Research Group / September 2016 – present
Project Coordinator
Inter-disciplinary University of Windsor based research group focusing on the connections between interpersonal violence and abuse towards animals. Activities include building relationships with domestic violence agencies across Canada, organization of inaugural conference, analysis of previously collected data, writing of articles for publication in collaboration with other group members, and supervising research

Intimate Partner Violence and Animal Abuse Survey / April 2013 – Oct 2014
Research Assistant (Supervisor: Dr. A. Fitzgerald)
SSHRC-funded development of a Canadian national survey on intimate partner violence, animal abuse and the impact on abused women’s help seeking behaviour, conduct focus group pilot testing of surveys with domestic violence shelter staff and residents, development and revision of surveys, organization of survey distribution and collection

Sexual Assault Resistance Education Program / July 2012 – Dec 2014
Program Facilitator (Supervisor: Dr. C. Senn)
CIHR-funded randomized controlled trial, facilitate intervention workshop which includes material on assessing and acknowledging risk, positive sexuality and relationships, and physical self-defense instruction, ensure adherence to program for trial fidelity


Fitzgerald, A., Barrett, B., Stevenson, R., & Chung, C.H. (accepted, with revisions). Animal maltreatment in the context of intimate partner violence: A manifestation of power and control? Violence Against Women.

Stevenson, R., Fitzgerald, A., & Barrett, B. (in press). Sheltering pets from intimate partner violence: Insights from domestic violence shelter staff in Canada. Affilia: Journal of Women and Social Work. 

Barrett, B., Fitzgerald, A., Stevenson, R., & Chung, C.H. (2017). Animal maltreatment as a risk marker of more frequent and severe forms of intimate partner violence. Journal of Interpersonal Violence. doi 10.1177/0886260517719542

Fitzgerald, A., Barrett, B., Schwom, R., Stevenson, R., & Chernyak, E. (2016). Standardizing the Measurement of Animal Maltreatment in the Context of Intimate Partner Violence: Development of The Partner’s Treatment of Animals Scale. Anthrozoos, 29(4), 611-625. doi 10.1080/08927936.2016.1228760.

Stevenson, R. (2016). Redefining and Addressing Animal Abuse. Review of Understanding Animal Abuse by Clifton Flynn. Society & Animals. doi 10.1163/15685306-12341409

Fitzgerald, A., Stevenson, R. & Verbora, A. (2016). Sociological theories of animal abuse. In C.L. Reyes & M.P. Brewster (Eds.) Animal cruelty and the criminal justice system (2nd ed.). Carolina Academic Press.


Stevenson, R. (2017, November). Voices of Men: Masculinities, Intimate Partner Violence, and Pets. Paper presented at the American Society of Criminology, Philadelphia, PA.

Stevenson, R., & Fitzgerald, A. (2017, October 25). Women, and Children…and Pets? An Inclusive Approach to Anti-Violence Work. Workshop presented at the British Columbia Society of Transition Houses Annual Training Forum, Richmond, BC.

Stevenson, R. (2017, May). Animals and Society: Changing Conceptualizations of Animals [Panel Chair]. Canadian Sociological Association Congress, Toronto, ON.

Stevenson, R. (2016, June). Companion Animals and Bereavement: Acceptance and Healing on the Internet. Paper presented at the Canadian Sociology Association Congress, Calgary, AB.

Stevenson, R. (2016, April 29). Violence Against Animals and Connections to Intimate Partner Violence. Paper presented at the Health Research Centre for Violence Against Women Symposium, Windsor, ON. (Invited speaker)

Stevenson, R. (2014, March). Violence Affects All Members of the Family: Safe Pet Programs in Western Canada. Paper presented at the University of Windsor Feminist Research Group Conference, Windsor, ON.

Stevenson, R. (2013, March). Masculinity, femininity and HIV/AIDS: A media analysis of the case of Carl Leone. Paper presented at the University of Windsor Feminist Research Group Conference, Windsor, ON.

Stevenson, R. (2012, November). Speciesism, sexism, and racism: Interconnecting discourses of oppression. Paper presented at the annual conference of the American Society of Criminology, Chicago, IL.

Stevenson, R. (2011, February). Pets, intimate partner violence, and the abuser’s perspective. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Western Society of Criminology, Vancouver, BC.

Stevenson, R. (2009, February). Two legs or four: Domestic violence affects all members of the family. Paper presented at the annual conference of the Western Society of Criminology, San Diego, CA.

Stevenson, R. (2008, February). Legislative reform to the animal cruelty offences in the Criminal Code: Will Bill C-373 really help animals in Canada? Paper presented at the annual conference of the Western Society of Criminology, Sacramento, CA.


Service to University Community
University of Windsor Women’s Campus Safety Grant Committee / 2016 – 2017
Windsor University Faculty Association (WUFA) Representative / 2017
University of Windsor Research Ethics Board / 2014 – 2017

Service to Broader Community
John Howard Society of Windsor-Essex, Windsor, Ontario / 2012 – present
Board Member

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