My Research

Research is part of what fuels me – the never-ending search to the answer to the question ‘why?’

Some of my current projects include:

An exploration of animal treatment in the context of intimate partner violence. Through interviews with abusive and non-abusive men about their relationships with the intimate partners and with animals in their lives, I am seeking answers to the following research questions:
What is the role of pets in the construction and performance of masculinity?
Do abusive men have different relationships with pets than men who are not abusive?
Does the presence of the pet aggravate or mitigate the violence against the partner?

Benchmarking a Research Ethics Board.
This project is an evaluation of the processes and procedures of a Research Ethics Board, looking at all time points from the submission of the initial research application to research completion. The goal is to use this information to strengthen and streamline the research ethics review process.

Check out my Selected Publications, and come back soon for more information on new research!


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