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“Good teaching is more a giving of right questions than a giving of right answers.”

Josef Albers

Animals and the Law

Students focus on the role of law in human-animal interactions and the balancing of competing interests within traditional areas of law. Students explore and debate the major issues surrounding animal welfare, rights, and protection, including the legal status of animals as living property, and the evolving societal beliefs and values surrounding these issues. Students examine and compare the laws of Canada and the United States as the primary focus, although laws and constitutions of other countries, as well as international law, are also considered.

Green Criminology

‘Green harms’ are everywhere we look, from extreme events like oil spills and corporate scandals, to seemingly mundane decisions around the food we eat. Unlike other critical frameworks, within green criminology the focus is on harms, as opposed to crimes or deviance, understanding that often what is considered ‘normal’ and legal behaviour can be harmful to humans, non-human animals, and the environment. This course is organized by topics in order to introduce students to the wide variety of issues that green criminology seeks to confront: energy, air, earth, water, and animal. Using a green criminological lens, this course will examine the ways in which both exceptional and everyday actions can cause harm, as well as the many opportunities for social activism and positive change.

Companion Animals

Companion animals (or pets) have become an integrated part of life for millions of humans. Companion animals range from traditional animals like dogs, cats, hamsters, and horses to non-traditional (or even illegal) animals like chickens, pigs, snakes and tigers. Why do we as humans keep companion animals? How are they conceptualized in our lives? What are some of the unique considerations and issues of companion animals? This course will explore these issues from a variety of non-species specific perspectives.

Food and Sustainability

Animals and humans interact in many ways when it comes to food. This course will explore the ways that humans use animals for food, and how those animals are treated. This course will also explore the ways that humans impact the food of animals. The sustainability of animals as food will be examined.

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